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What level of rider are you?

Level of horse rider

Here at RMH we understand there are some very difficult questions you may need to ask yourself when quizzed about your riding ability.

Are you a novice rider? Are you an intermediate rider?

This question is extremely difficult to answer and therefore we have created our own scale to help those searching to classify themselves.

Walk, trot and canter. Mainly riding with supervision. Lacks balance and is not yet using aids independently. Has hacked and ridden in the school etc. Able to care for horse’s day to day needs under supervision.
If taking on a horse would need one that knows its job, has proven track record of being consistent and reliable. To help with balance and riding a medium weight horse may be most suitable and one who is not too dead to the leg or one that is too sharp.

Could be a first time owner or owned/loaned in the past. Able to walk, trot canter. Maybe pop a jump and hack a calm horse. Able to care for a horse on a day to day basis but may still need guidance.
Variety of horses would suit but as above and horse with a proven track record with no or limited quirks.

Has ridden a variety of horses and schooled and asked further questions of horse. May have backed and broken horses in. Able to deal with some issues in behaviour and care. Good horse husbandry skills.
A variety of horses may suit depending on own preference. May well be able to take on a project or bring on a horse.

Ridden many different types of horses over the years and in many different situations. Should have at some stage specialized in a discipline and ridden up to a high level. Able to back, break and school horses include those more difficult types with behaviour issues. Excellent horse husbandry skills and able to act as a mentor for others.
Would be expected to be able to ride most types including projects and those with some behaviour issues.