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Two Horse Rehomed Together. Update

Success with RMH

Basil and Melody were rehomed back in July 2016. The owner was looking for a home for these horses together as they had spent many years as companions.

Recently we received a lovely update from their new owners.

“Basil has been a superb confidence giver for Dawn, and her riding has progressed so far in the last six months she is a changed rider. He has helped her to regain her confidence cantering, and the two of them have built an incredible partnership where he knows exactly how far he can test her before her confidence barrier, including faster canters and non-stirrup work out hacking.

Mel is as cheeky as ever and today threw in a few airs and graces to show how displeased he was at not being allowed to race Basil. As grumpy as he can be, he has been an absolute dream for me to own and we understand each other now. Although I would still not class him as a novice ride, he behaved himself as a perfect gentleman for Dawn’s Niece to ride on the lead rein, and while he may test me out riding, he looked after Dawn when we swapped horses for a ride. He is doing very well with wrap boots on all legs to support his fetlocks, and walks out much cleaner with them.

The boys are fit and healthy and have both stayed a good weight over the winter. When I don’t have Dawn, to accompany me they have proved themselves to ride and lead, in walk trot and canter, calmly together. We still do not separate them, or take them out of eyesight, however on bad weather days they have been patient while I lunge one after the other just outside the barn, without too much stress. The two of them still act like three-year-olds in the field, especially judging from the skidmarks we have found recently, and no one believes their ages!”