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Top Tips For Cold Weather.

Tips for horses in winter

With a cold snap upon us Rehome My Horse has put together some top tips for this time of year to help you and your horses.

1. Take a check on your feeding regime and amend if needed. Fibre will warm your horse from within.
2. Layer up. Rather than one thick jumper wear thinner layers. This also works well for the horse.
3. Lag those pipes to help protect against freezing. Protect and prevent a breakage!
4. Take the chill off water. We need to keep them drinking.
5. Add a tennis ball to water troughs in the field to help against the big freeze over.
6. Have some grit available for the yard.
7. Avoid water spillage on the yard. Ice = Lethal!
8. If snow is on the way invest in a cheap plastic sledge they are great for moving things around.
9. Have a thermos of soup or hot drink available for yourself, the farrier, vet and anyone else who may be attending to your horse.

Remember keep smiling lets face it what else would you rather be doing!!!!