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Update – Inwood, Rehomed with RMH 2016

Inwood was rehomed in 2016 to Penny. “It has been a very long stressful few months and we thought we would lose him at one point. He is totally adorable and he will never leave us. I’m in contact with…

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Huxley – Update after 12 months.

Huxley went off to his new loan home just over a year ago. He was an extremely popular horse and received several applications. His owner recently got in touch with the following update. “Huxley and I are making steady progress…

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Two Horse Rehomed Together. Update

Success with RMH

Basil and Melody were rehomed back in July 2016. The owner was looking for a home for these horses together as they had spent many years as companions. Recently we received a lovely update from their new owners. “Basil has…

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Super Update – Penny

Penny sold with Rehome My Horse

Penny was listed in September for sale under sad circumstances. The owner of Penny had passed away and her daughter who is not particularly horsey was in need of finding a new forever home. As the right home was essential…

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