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Equisense sensors for sale

Description: Equisense develop connected sensors to help riders progress as well as improve the well-being and health of their horses, both while at work and at rest. Equisense Motion, our first product, is a sensor connected to an App that…

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Equine Genetics.

Equine genetics

Description: Unique and Ultimate traceability for horses lost or stolen. 20 % Discount for all Rehome My Horse Diamond Plus Members. Web Address: Contact Details: 01245 239019 Areas Covered: UK

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Keep Your Horse Safe

Rehome My Horse - Loans shares sales rehomes

With coffee in hand. I popped onto Facebook for a quick catch up. This morning alone I stumbled upon two heart-wrenching stories of horses being sold whilst on loan. These owners love their horses and now feel helpless in the…

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