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RMH finds a home for Deuge in less than a week.

Super News!

Deuge’s listing for urgent rehome went live just last Monday and within 5 days he was off to his new forever home with Sarah enjoying a life as a much loved companion pony.

There are many reasons why founder of RMH Donna Hall set up the service back in 2015. One reason was that through Donna’s work in the field, it was clear there was a gap in support for owners who find themselves in times of difficulty and are unsure of their options when needing to rehome. Charities and sanctuaries are full to the brim and only able to take on extreme welfare cases and owners find themselves in a dark area not knowing which way to turn or where to find help.

Deuge was not a welfare case. However, due to massive changes in the owner’s life situation, finding the money to pay for Deuge was becoming impossible and the rent was due!

Not being the easiest horse to rehome Deuge was listed as a companion pony with some trust issues. RMH published the listing. liaised with the owner and instantly got to work contacting people who may be able to offer a home, sending out a newsletter and promotions via other websites and social media. Deuge was extremely popular with his profile on the website having over 1500 views in such a short space of time.

Victoria who listed Deuge has said “Wow! I was struggling and stressed with the outcome for my boy. Rehome My Horse found him the most perfect home where he is already being spoilt! Such a great website! I found the process amazing from start to finish”

Once a horse is in their new home RMH does not stop working. New homes are contacted shortly after rehome and once every 5 months to see how things are going and it seems that Deuge has already settled.

Deuge settling into his new home and getting to know his new field buddies.

Deuge settling into his new home and getting to know his new field buddies.

“I went along to the field this morning to find the three amigos neatly wedged together in the one-pony-sized field shelter out of the rain! He’s been an absolute gent, and I’m so grateful to Vicki for entrusting him to me. She has done a lovely thing for him, with little thought and no gain for herself other than perhaps some peace of mind in knowing that he’s safe and happy. I’ve taken him on in full knowledge of his issues and because of that have realistic expectations of him, and Vicki can be assured he’ll have a home with me for life and won’t be pushed in a direction he can’t go.
Many thanks to RMH for making it happen.”