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Rider fitness with Ridercise


Do you have partnership equilibrium?

Do you, the rider, affect your horse’s performance?

As riders, owners and trainers, we invest heavily in our horses from; training, dentists, vets, nutrition, saddlers and therapists to ensure our horses are happy, trained and able to perform, whatever their level and discipline.

Do you, the rider, contribute or hinder the partnership?

* Do you often feel tired, out of breath during riding?
* Do you feel tight and/or sore after riding?
* Are you stable in the required riding positions?
* Can you give aids effectively without changing the seat balance?
* Are you not succeeding in your discipline?
* Does your horse have unexplained balance issues, soreness, and muscular symmetry?

“If a rider is disadvantaged by their riding fitness, strength, mobility, flexibility, motor skills and/or Muscular-Skeletal health/ symmetry it can effect the way the horse is able to perform and may even cause many of the issues we heavily invest in correcting.

‘Be your Best’

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Rider fitness with Ridercise

Rider fitness Be the best