Listing Terms


All those listing their horse must have a full Diamond Membership (£5).
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1. Users wishing to list a Horse must be the Owner of the Horse or must provide RMH with written consent from the Owner of the Horse that the User is acting on behalf of Owner with such consent.
2. RMH request that all owners who list their horses with RMH use the system and process to their advantage and direct all outside interest to their horses listing. Enabling ALL interest to go through the application process.
3. The description of the Horse provided by the User must be as detailed as possible, and must be an open, honest and frank description of the Horse. The description must include:
i. The Horse’s name;
ii. Colour;
iii. Age or date of birth;
iv. Confirm horse is passported;
v. Height;
vi. Breeding (if known);
vii. Competition history (if known);
viii. History of injury (if known);
ix. Current use (ridden horse, companion, cannot be ridden due to lameness/injury etc);
x. A recent photograph of the Horse; Photos must be the property of the owner.
xi. If possible, video(s) of the Horse. Videos must be the property of the owner.
xii. Sales price if sales horse (Minimum sale price with RMH is £800) Refer to Types of rehome or “how it works” page
xiii. Rehoming/loan or share fee. (this enables us to provide the service free to owners)
4. The Owner is responsible for accurately describing the Horse listed with RMH. RMH do not verify, warrant or guarantee the accuracy of horse listings. No description, statement, certificate or expression of opinion in respect of any Horse will be deemed as warranty and/or condition by RMH. RMH will not be responsible in law for the Owner’s description and/or representations in connection with the Horse under any circumstances whatsoever.
5. RMH will screen information provided by Owners before horses are listed on the RMH website. The listing will not therefore be immediate and will depend upon the length of time the screening takes for any particular Horse.
6. RMH may place the Horse’s details on alternative websites additional to that of RMH. The Owner authorises RMH to use the photograph(s) and/or video(s) provided by the Owner to advertise the Horse on websites other than the RMH website.
7. RMH acts strictly as an introducer between Owner and the potential carer/home. It is the responsibility of the Owner to ensure the new carer/home is suitable to care for the Horse.
8. RMH cannot be held responsible for any incompatibility between the Owner and the carer and will not be responsible for any costs whatsoever (whether they be legal costs or costs of keep/transportation/veterinary costs) incurred in rectifying any problems.
9. In the event of difficulty contacting an Owner the listing may be removed from the RMH website at the discretion of RMH.
10. RMH may (at its sole discretion) limit the activity of a User and/or remove an account if the User is non-responsive and not following the RMH Registration Terms and Conditions.
11. If the Owner changes their mind or rehomes the Horse elsewhere they are requested to inform RMH in order that the listing may be removed from the RMH website. At this time there will be a requested payment of £20 to cover costs of promotion to date.
12. RMH is unable to list any horse that could be considered breeding stock such as broodmare, colt or stallion.
Visit Dates/Vettings
13. Personal contact details of Owners and Applicants will not be shared by RMH until the full and complete Application has been received from the Applicant. Communication prior to receipt of the completed Application must be via the RMH messaging system.
14. Messages sent via the RMH messaging system are monitored and may be blocked or removed in the event of inappropriate content and/or where the user is in breach of the Terms and Conditions.
15. Visits must only be arranged once the completed Application has been received by RMH at which time RMH will confirm to the Owner that it has received the completed Application.
16. Owners must inform RMH of all updates such as visit dates including home checks and pre-purchase examinations/vettings.
16. If the Owner does not wish to progress further with any Applicant they are requested to inform RMH as soon as possible by email or telephone. It is requested that Owners feedback to the Applicant or to RMH and we can contact the Applicant on the Owner’s behalf.

Proceeding Further
17. In the event that both the Owner and Applicant wish to proceed it is requested that the Owner advises RMH by email or telephone confirming details of the rehoming date. RMH will then begin drafting the Rehoming Agreement.

Rehoming/loan and share Fees
19. Rehoming, loan and share fees will be published in the listing. In the event that the transaction is a loan, share or ownership transfer the above Fee is payable by the Applicant (new home) not the by the Owner.
20. All Fees are due before the Horse leaves the Owner’s possession and/or care. By listing your horse the Owner is agreeing to not release the horse from their care until RMH has received all due fees.
21. In the event that the Horse is going on trial, the Rehoming/loan/share Fee is due before the commencement of the trial.
22. The Rehoming Agreement must be signed by the Owner and the Applicant prior to any trial period and/or prior to the Horse leaving the Owner’s possession and/or care. It is recommended that a copy of the signed Rehoming Agreement is sent electronically or via post to RMH (for safe storage) although this is not essential.
23. If for whatever reason the Horse is returned to the Owner by the Applicant within 30 days of the date of the Rehoming Agreement, RMH will refund the rehoming fee less £30.00 administrative costs.
24. RMH will contact all new homes every 6 calendar months. If RMH is unable to contact the Applicant we will contact the Owner. RMH do recommend strongly that all those that list and rehome via RMH keep in regular contact with the successful Applicant.

Proving Ownership
25. If the Horse is a “loan” rehome RMH strongly recommend that before the Horse leaves the Owner’s care that the Owner gathers as much information as possible to show ownership of the Horse. RMH suggests the production of an “ownership file” including (but not limited to)
i. a photocopy of the Horse’s passport showing the ownership page in the Owner’s name;
ii. microchip details showing the Owner’s name as registered Owner;
iii. Bill of sale from the Owner’s purchase of the Horse;
iv. Dated photographs of the Horse in the Owner’s care and any livery, vets, farriers and insurance receipts.

Horses For Sale
26. Horses for sale must be listed at an asking price of over £800. Horses with a lower sale price cannot be listed as sales. (do consider ownership transfer option)
27. In the case of all sales horses, the Owner will pay the rehoming fee to RMH prior to the Horse being released to the Purchaser (prior to delivery) and prior to the commencement of any trial.

Breach, Force Majeure and Jurisdiction
28. Breach of any of the above terms may result in the listing being cancelled. In the event that a listing is cancelled due to a breach of the terms, RMH may (at their discretion) place a limit on the account of the Owner and/or carer.
29. RMH cannot guarantee continuous running of the website and from time to time due to actions out of its control. RMH will endeavour to provide an un-interrupted service at all times.
30. In the event of a breach of these Terms the Owner and/or Carer may forfeit any Rehoming Fees.
31. RMH is not responsible for any loss incurred as a result of RMH taking action on accounts (by closing and/or restricting account for example).
32. If a dispute arises in connection with the Rehoming Agreement it is recommended that the User contacts RMH.
33. If RMH fail to act on a dispute this does not waive their right to act with respect to subsequent breaches and/or disputes and or act at a later date to the initial breach. RMH will take action on breaches at their discretion and do not guarantee that they will take action on all breaches/disputes.
34. In the event of a dispute with any other user, you will release RMH from and indemnify RMH against all and any claims, demands and damages.
35. RMH will where possible support and facilitate the resolution of disputes between Owners and Carers. Carers are reminded that RMH has no control over the accuracy of listings and the transaction remains between the Owner and the Applicant/Carer at all times.
36. RMH may amend this Listing Agreement at their discretion. Any amendments will be posted on the RMH website.
37. English Law applies to these Terms and Conditions and any dispute will be dealt with exclusively in the jurisdiction of England and wales.

38. RMH is keen to support research in various equine fields. Data provided on Applications and Horse listings may be used for this research.

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