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With coffee in hand. I popped onto Facebook for a quick catch up. This morning alone I stumbled upon two heart-wrenching stories of horses being sold whilst on loan. These owners love their horses and now feel helpless in the situation they find themselves in.

Rehome My Horse was set up to help make rehoming and loaning a safer process so please, please do use our service.

We provide a robust system which puts off those less scrupulous types. Once a horse is listed with Rehome My Horse all interest comes via our managed messaging system. This is a round about way of doing things some would say. However, it allows for transparency and accountability, at the same time, putting off those less scrupulous types.

We ask all serious interest to submit a lengthy application. This application provides owners with details of where the horse will be kept, applicant’s relevant experience and references, again helping to avoid those less honest types.

The service is free to all our members and once a loanee is found we shall put together a tailor made rehoming/loan agreement between the two parties. We shall also keep a copy of this on record if needed in the future.

We do recommend owners –

– Use Rehome My Horse to loan their horses.
– Carry out an initial home check and visit regularly. On these visits a photo to be taken and dated.
– Develop a relationship with the loanee, not to become overbearing but allow for dialogue and communication.
– Take a photocopy of the passport and ensure up to date.
– Ensure horse is microchipped and details up to date.
– Gather a box with all the information you have on your horse. In here keep receipt from sale, any vets bills, dated photos, insurance documents etc. Just in case, at a later date, things do not go to plan.

No system is totally failsafe but Rehome My Horse is here to help reduce the risk associated with loaning your much-loved horses and ponies.

If considering loaning your horse please do use our service.

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