Waltzing Matilda (Amali) Cob x Thoroughbred

Horse ID : RMH244

Now Rehomed, Ownership Transfer £150 Rehoming Fee - Mare
14.3 (hh) 13 Years Old 1 Years Owned Print

Amali came to me last year as she was going to be put down. She then came on in leaps and bounds, going from a difficult horse to one who would hack alone or in company for miles, and generally a nice horse to be around. Only traffic that spooked her were rattling trailers, but she would just jump forwards a step or two. Sometimes jig joggy in open fields but I did get to the stage where she would walk on a loose rein, have a gallop, then back on a loose rein to walk again. The more she is ridden the better she is.I aimed to have her a new home by winter but no one suitable came up, hence why she is still here. Sadly over the last few months I have lacked time for her which means she has slipped back into some old habits. We are slowly working on getting back to where we left off but I cannot commit to this horse long term.
Rugs included with rehome.

Additional Details

  • Ailments and current and past.: She had a liver problem a few years ago. I recently had her blood tested to check on her liver, and it has come back clear of any liver damage. It’s managed with a good diet and access to good grass all year round. She has sensitive skin and is allergic to buttercups, so if the field contains them they must be picked or mowed as its when she lays in the yellow flowers that problems occur. She has clicky hind legs that haven’t caused any issues, vet and chiro are not concerned.
  • Most suitable home: Must live out all year as she cannot cope in the stable. Natural horsemanship home essential as this is what she responds best to. Confident and patient person essential.
  • Behaviour and vices: In her previous home she was known to buck and rear but I have never had a problem with either of these behaviours. As long as her rider listens to her and accepts that some days she is not in a correct frame of mind to be ridden, she will be ok. She can get spooky and jumpy if not in constant work. Really I would love for her to be one person’s ‘everything’ that they can give lots of love and patience to, in order to build a bond. She has never had that and she deserves it.
  • Reason for rehome: Insufficient time to look after.
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Waltzing Matilda (Amali) Cob x Thoroughbred
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