Ted – Irish Cross

Horse ID : RMH382

Now Rehomed, Ownership Transfer £150 - Gelding
17.2 (hh) 8 Years Old 6 Years Owned Print

NOTE FROM RMH – Due to high level of interest applications are now on hold for this horse.

Ted will be 8 this year and has grown into a BIG boy, 17.2. He is a sensitive sole, but very, very kind and willing and never naughty. He is behind for his age because of my time constraints. But he goes really nicely on the flat now and loves to jump (can be a little enthusiastic). I think he would excel at horse agility because he loves to learn, also at Trec, but because of his height gates can be challenging. Definitely would be great at dressage or showing. He loves going to Riding Club Camp. He really looks to his “person” for confidence so would need someone that was confident, but quiet and sensitive. I started him using Intelligent Horsemanship techniques and as a result he is faultless to handle in hand, in the stable, farrier, vet, dentist, clip and to box etc. He loves hacking and is very good in company, but needs a confident rider to hack out alone. He is not nappy in the slightest, just a scary cat, so needs reassurance and a thinking rider. I am looking for someone to love Ted as much as we do. Please don’t apply unless you are serious, and have time and the commitment, he is not for someone that thinks they can pop up and ride when they fancy it. He needs his person to interact with him everyday.

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  • All Interest: If you have any questions for the owner please do send over via the “Chat to us” box. All serious interest is requested to submit an application.
  • Please note: After application if selected as the successful application you will be required to pay the loan/rehoming fee in full to RMH before date of rehome/loan (including any trials) This goes some way towards covering the costs incurred and enables RMH to continue rehoming horses via a safer platform.
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