Horse ID : RMH506

For Sale £1,000 - Gelding
12.3 (hh) 10 Years Old 1 Years Owned Print

My boy King is a 12.3 ( 131cm) ten year old gelding. He has done all varieties of work in a previous home then had just shy of a year off then I began to bring him back into work unfortunately my job changed and I hadn’t less time and he is turned away for the winter having been hacked out and ridden in the field as well as lunged over the summer. He has good manners on the ground is easy to handle and wiling to work but he is fresh and keen to get going so not for a novice ride or young child as he can and does pop the odd buck in his transitions and press on quickly sometimes, he needs a firm but kind rider and I’m sure he will show his true potential. He needs someone to have fun with who will enjoy getting going, he has a heart of gold and I love him very much but working full time doesn’t give me as much time as I want to ride him. He is bored and it’s just not fair.

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  • All interest: If you have any questions for the owner please do send over via the “Chat to us” box. All serious interest is requested to submit an application.
  • Please note: After application if selected as the successful LOAN applicant you will be required to pay the loan fee in full to RMH before date of rehome/loan (including any trials) The loan fee for this horse is £100. This goes some way towards covering the costs incurred and enables RMH to continue rehoming horses via a safer platform.
  • 6F8661B1-9ECF-4546-A79F-CC8C14CC8295
  • 5E201827-B4C1-4588-B85E-217E7645E788
  • E3417477-26D3-403C-8564-B0DB995FE546
  • E208D011-27D8-46FC-9F06-D0318F48CC86
  • A665CAE9-2D2B-4697-8582-C37BCFD2BBF2
  • 1012061E-2E2F-45DA-924A-3CBDF0DB334F
  • CA11F66D-0A11-459B-84B3-06B8C38C8702
  • 3AEDCF0F-13E3-462B-81D6-1ED1086EA963
  • 250F84C2-CA3E-4A1C-8477-8667B3C046B3
  • 03E99509-ADC1-4DA5-A87D-B8C6F236AA03
  • F27A588D-55BD-4722-B323-9D063292F758
  • C0EF7307-FE45-4854-AB12-26F5CBA4B8A2
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