Just Magical (Madge) – Thoroughbred

Horse ID : RMH108

Ownership Transfer £100 Rehoming Fee - Mare
16.2 (hh) 19 Years Old Print

Madge, is a beautiful, ex racehorse who has in the passed been used as a broodmare. She is older at 19 but doesn’t look or act it due to the low mileage. She is an wonderful doer and happily lives out all year with a rug and shelter in winter. She actually hates being in. Good with the dentist vet and farrier but can be tricky with back feet.
Now, the not so good. Madge would be better kept on her own or at least a field or two away from company as she can be silly if she gets overly attached to a companion. She is grumpy and has been treated for a trapped nerve in her neck so once a year or so a qualified chiropractor would benefit her. Like most TBs she is sensitive and needs constant, consistent work and handling. She takes time to trust you and can be a sweetheart but she can be moody, aloof and will try to bite if she doesn’t respect you. She has got better but needs to know it wont be tolerated in a firm but quite manner. She responds well to loose schooling to establish boundaries. Shouting makes her worse as she gets worried.

Additional Details

  • Ailments: Trapped nerve in neck.
  • Most suitable home: Confident, quiet, consistent with time. Madge would be better on her own so she is one to one with her owner or at least separate from others.
  • Behavious and vices: Has bitten once, bucked once and pulls lots of faces.
  • Reason for Rehome: Mismatch
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