Hector Hannoverian x TB

Horse ID : RMH317

For Loan, Now Rehomed £75 - Gelding
17.1 (hh) 11 Years Old 8 Years Owned Print


Hector has been on loan for the past year and due to loanees poor health is now urgently in need of a new home. His owner may consider a share basis if based close to Edinburgh.

Hector (aka. Bandit) is an absolute pleasure to own and is a true honest, genuine gentleman.
Hector was purchased as a 3 year old having moved around from home to home and been sold at auction prior being purchased by his owner – this is thought to be due to his lack of training and size – definitely through no fault of his own. As a result, Hector has been a late starter but should not be dismissed on this basis.

Character and Temperament
Hector is amenable in all ways and is always eager to please. He is a calm and confident character and usually takes everything in his stride. Like any horse, Hector can be spooky from time to time in new or surprising situations but is never dangerous with it. Overall he is a very rewarding horse and loves human interaction. He is friendly with other horses and maintains a mid-level position in the herd (never dominant but not submissive). He is a true gentleman and captures interest wherever he goes.

Hector is 100% with the vet and farrier and catches well. He loads into a trailer reasonably well, but can be reluctant at times (he does travel well though). He is 100% to groom and handle and will be clipped without fuss. He is good with the bridle and saddle appreciates an empathetic handler.
Hector is a hardy boy and maintains weight well. He would winter out if given ad-lib hay or haylage and fed good quality fibre based feeds. Hector does require restricted grazing in the summer as he is prone to weight gain. He is capable of being grazed with mares and has been successfully turned out with multiple horses.
Hector is happy to be stable but likes routine and would prefer company.
Hector requires rasping every 6 months as he has previously has a wolf tooth removed and some diastemma widening.

Ridden work
Hector was a late starter and we have had some several breaks in training (through rider’s working commitments). Hector was backed and turned away for some time to mature, He was then re-backed by a young woman near St. Andrews where he proved to be a very fast and eager student. Within 6 weeks Hector could competently walk, trot and canter in an outline and could also pop a small grid and work in an outline whilst being ridden by either a novice or advanced rider. Hector was also successfully hacked out both along and in company without fuss. He will work in both indoor and outdoor schools/arenas and out in open spaces. Hector responds to light leg aids and voice commands. He requires a soft and empathetic hand. He also responds excellently to weight aids. Hector is still learning but will always give you 110% when he understands the questions! He is good with traffic also.

Hector has been out of ridden work for some time due to the loanees ill health – he will therefore need bringing back to fitness slowly. Hector does build muscle quickly and remembers his training well.
Hector has a natural uphill movement and a lovely pace. He would excel at dressage and has a fairly scopey and tidy jump. He can clear 120cms loose jumping. Hector would be an excellent hunter/ working hunter and may be suitable for entry-level eventing.

Hector will be loaned with a comprehensive range of tack suitable for all occasions (leisure and competition)

Happy to consider homes UK wide but would prefer to bring him back to Scotland.

Additional Details

  • Ailments: Needs teeth rasped every 6 months (previous diastemma). Cosmetic scar on hock. Impact wound to hock c.2010 (does not cause any issue)
  • Most suitable home: Hector is available for loan to the right home only. He would best suit an intermediate or experienced rider who is keen to build a good relationship with him. Hector would suit someone looking for a project and to compete in the future. Likewise he would make a lovely leisure horse. He really is a gentleman.
  • Hannoverian For Loan Cambridgeshire
  • Hannoverian For Loan Cambridgeshire
  • Hannoverian For Loan Cambridgeshire
  • Hannoverian For Loan Cambridgeshire
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Hector Hannoverian x TB
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