Barney Welsh Section A

Horse ID : RMH372

For Loan £50 - Gelding
11.0 (hh) 6 Years Old 2 Years Owned Print

Barney is 6 years old and has been ridden in the past but due to lack of jockey is being wasted with me. He would need a confident capable small jockey to unleash his full potential as can be cheeky and stubborn as all ponies! I would like him to go to a home where I can visit so must not be too far from me, he is my baby but I realise he will probably be a field ornament for ever and will be wasted if kept with me. He is green passported and has good movement so could do showing or could be taught to drive.

Barney had a virus last Autumn and was anemic, he was given red cell for this, this is the only illness he has had whilst I have owned him.

Additional Details

  • All Interest: If you have any questions for the owner please do send over via the “Chat to us” box. All serious interest is requested to submit an application.
  • Please Note: After application if selected as the successful application you will be required to pay the loan/rehoming fee in full to RMH before date of rehome/loan (including any trials) This goes some way towards covering the costs incurred and enables RMH to continue rehoming horses via a safer platform.
  • Welsh Section A for loan
  • Welsh Section A for loan
  • Welsh Section A for loan
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