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Future Horse Listing with RMH

Future horse listing

We all enjoy spending time with our horses creating fond memories. Very few of us consider what would happen to lovely Blackie if the worst happened and we were no longer able to care for him due to illness or passing.

Your loved ones may not even know the tail from the hoof and asking them to responsibly rehome would be a big ask if not impossible. Having a prepared and up to date listing in place ready to publish, would of course, take a huge weight off those who are already going through a difficult time.

Rehome My Horse are proud to announce after much consultation with the equine world its “Future Horse Listings”

For all Diamond Plus Members – owners can submit a future horse listing. We shall keep this detail and contact you once a year to renew your membership and horse listing if needed. We shall provide you with a sticker to put on the horse’s passport and would encourage you to also leave clear instructions to executors of your will to contact Rehome My Horse and activate your listing.

It would of course also be advisable to talk with those closest to you so that they are aware of your wishes. Putting funds aside for the care or livery of your horse during this period would need to be considered also and although not a nice thing to consider really would help should the worst ever happen.

To submit your future listing firstly you will need to be a Diamond Plus Member CLICK HERE Which includes a £20 per year membership fee and many benefits.

Submit your horse HERE and include in “message to reviewer” that this is a future horse listing.