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Find a Sharer with RMH – Let’s help each other, let’s make friends, let’s make a difference..

When scrolling through social media and equestrian advertising websites it is clear that there are many horse owners looking for a little bit of help in the form of a sharer. With our busy lives in today’s world and work hours increasing owners are finding little time to exercise their horse. Finding a suitably experienced rider who is looking to ride a couple of days a week may be the answer.

Many people who are considering taking on their first horse feel being part of a share agreement is the first step, which indeed it can be. Horse ownership is a big commitment both financially, time wise and emotionally. Being responsible for a horse on a part time basis as a sharer can help those wanting to test the water experiencing the commitment be it on a part time basis.

RMH horse wants to encourage shares and part loans and as such offers owners a service where they can list their horse, including the commitment required and we shall advertise and promote matching with any of our currently registered members.

If looking we recommend placing your wanted ads as this will enable us to make the match..

All interests will be requested to submit an application which will enable owners to make informed choices on those wishing to be part of their horse’s lives. Reference detailed and included in the application and we strongly recommend that these are folllowed up.

For this system to really work we do need to increase the volume of share horses on our site and wanted ads to enable us to match up. Jump on board and let us help.

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Let’s help each other, let’s make friends, let’s make a difference..