How long does it take to Rehome a Horse?

This is an impossible questions to answer with too many variables. What we can say is that the team at RMH will do all it can to find the right home for your horse.

Why can you not list a horse for sale under £800?

For sales horses we have a minimum of £800 sale price, the reason for this is we also have a rehoming option called “ownership transfer” and need to ensure the lines are not blurred.

How easy is it to rehome a companion?

Companion and non-ridden horses can be more difficult to rehome due to the fact that they are generally a companion due to health or behaviour issues. This, in turn, makes them more problematic and costly to care for. However, companions do have a place and can have a job to do be it non-ridden. We here at RMH will assess your listing and do all we can to find a suitable home. All we ask is that you are open and honest as to why the horse cannot be ridden.

What should I do if I see a horse I like?

If you see a horse you like the look of on the website, in the first instance please do send the owner a message via the “chat to us” box on the horse’s profile page. Then if wishing to pursue further an application will need to be submitted. There is a £10 application fee with each application.

Why is there a rehoming fee?

Rehoming fees are payable by the new home taking on the horse (unless a sales horse) These fees are in place as they enable RMH to continue the work it does. The fee goes some way to showing that those taking on a horse are committed to horse ownership/care and have the financial ability to do so.
Please do note if a horse is listed as “ownership transfer” these fees are not a sale price. The fee is for the service provided by RMH.

Do you vet homes?

It would be impossible for RMH to vet all potential homes. We do recommend that owners carry out home checks and follow up references within the application. We are able to provide the following.
Home checks – £40
Reference checks – £10 per reference
CCJ Checks – £12 per check

Why can you not advertise broodmares, stallions and colts?

The UK is a situation where we are overrun with unwanted horses. We are unable to support the future breeding of horses and therefore unable to list a broodmare, colt or stallion.

How will my horse be promoted?

Horses are promoted via the website, various social media, websites and our regular newsletters. We also check against our wanted ads for any matches. RMH do request that all owners who list their horses with RMH use the system and process to their advantage and direct all outsided interest to their horses profile. Enabling ALL interest to go through the application process.

How much does it cost to list my a horse?

It is free to list your horse with RMH. If a sales horse, once the horse has a found a new home there is a fee payable by the owner of £30
We do request a £20 payment if we find a home for your loan, share or ownership transfer horse.This is voluntary as we do understand this is not always possible.
It does costs RMH a considerable amount both financially and in human hours to promote and advertise etc. If a home is found outside our service or owner changes their mind and request we unpublish their listing there is a fee of £20 due to RMH which will go some way towards covering costs.

Why is there an application fee?

A non-refundable application fee of £10 applies for each application submitted. This is in place as it shows commitment from those interested in the horse and puts off time wasters and less scrupulous types. This fee also enables staff to process. If the horse applied for is close to rehoming or is rehomed outside the platform we are more than happy to transfer this fee.

If I am an owner why should I wait for an application before arranging visits?

The application process is a big part of what makes rehoming via RMH successful. Applications will provide owners with detailed information regarding the type of home that is offered including experience, where the horse will be kept and details of 2 references. The application process does go some way to putting off time wasters and less scrupulous types.

Why are messages managed and monitored?

RMH monitors all messages. This allows for accountability and transparency. It also gives the team the opportunity to weed out those less scrupulous types. We do ask that personal contact details are not shared until applications are in place.

Do you check out owners and horses?

It would be impossible to check out all horses and owners. What we do is screen all listings and encourage owners to be frank and honest.