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Ex-Racehorses need our help too.

Ex-racehorse for loan, sale, rehome

There are many horses needing rehoming in this current time. Ex-racehorses are amazing creatures and all too often the social media walls are full with ex-racehorses free to a good home or with a token price tag. How many homes do they go through before they find the right home?
Ex-racehorses in the right home can flourish and continue to be loyal friends for many years. If on the flip side of the coin they end up in the wrong home their quirks can change into dangerous habbits, ailments go un noticed and horse again gets past on.

These horses give so much when they race and it is only right that if able to continue in another sphere that we help them find this road. RMH currently have some ex-racehorses available. If you can offer a home that may suit please do consider one of these horses. To view CLICK HERE

If you have an ex-racehorse available for rehoming, loan, share or sale please do list with Rehome My Horse. Staff at RMH have worked in the rehoming field for many years and own, train and compete these wonderful horses regularly.

Our robust rehoming process will enable those searching for a new equine to make informed choices. With owners being provided with full details of those interested via our application process. These applications are a vital part of successful rehoming.
To list your horse CLICK HERE