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We would like you to aim high, and fulfil your dreams with your horse.
And since horses and riders/handlers come in all shapes and sizes, with all kinds of talents and problems, this is not always an easy path. Clearly, there are not only unfortunate events keeping people from entering any form of equine competitions, sometimes, the reasons are as simple as lacking transport or finances to afford all those lessons and entries.
Well, I can’t waive the entry fees, but I will personally make sure that you will get more than just a rosette and a “well done” at the and of the day.
We provide all our competitors with test and training feedback from qualified judges and instructors by following a simple process:
– Register or be our guest
– Enter your class(es)
– Practise your test(s)
– Ask someone to take a video
– Upload your video
– At the end of the month, one of our qualified and registered judges will judge your test
– Your test sheet will be e-mailed, prizes will arrive by mail.
– Places 1-6 will be automatically entered into our Summer/Winter Championship

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