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Do you have a project horse that is in need of a new home?

Project horse rehoming

If so as a responsible owner, I am sure you want the best for your horse. A project horse in a new home can go one of two ways. The new home being totally suitable and equipped to deal with the horse’s needs and life therefore for this horse progresses towards a brighter future. However, many end up traveling down a very different road. The horse, whom once had a bright future ends up as a statistic being one of the thousands of horses abandoned each year and an unfortunate welfare concern. Let us also not forget that these project horses in the wrong hands can be a danger to those ill-informed taking on something they are not prepared for.

Yes, this is the stark reality. You took on the horse with an offer of a positive future and for whatever reason, you now need to find a new home. You owe it to the horse to rehome with a chance to flourish and shine.

Now of course “project” could mean many things but essentially we are looking at those that need to further their training, come back into work or have some sort of behaviour issue.

We ask, no we plea with owners please do your homework when rehoming or selling the project type. These horses need understanding, time, experience and a pocket full of funds.

RMH recommends that owners take advantage of our service and list the project type as ownership transfer, especially if the horse has little or no market value. We do ask owners to forgo any financial gain but in return, with your full and frank listing, will commit fully to finding your horse a loving new home that is totally informed and is able to meet the needs of your horse.

How? I hear you ask.

1. We ask all owners to be totally honest with their listing. This will go a long way to helping your horse go to the right home first time.

2. All initial interest will contact the staff here at RMH with questions regarding your horse. We will then if needed contact you further and get back to interest. This process enables RMH liaise with all in the first instance and if suitable we shall request an application. Staff have many years’ experience in the equine field both as owners, instructors, equine specialists, charity worker and rehoming equines.

3. We screen all applications and forward to the owner. These applications are detailed and provide owners with details of experience, knowledge, facilities and type of home to offer including details of references.

4. We are here every step of the way to discuss any application or visit. Once a home is found we shall put together a tailor made rehoming agreement. Within this agreement it will state that if the horse needs rehoming in the future that you will firstly need to be notified and be given first option. If you are unable to take the horse back the horse will need to be rehomed back through RMH and not on the open market. Enabling us to track forever more as each six months we shall contact new homes to see how things are going.

There is no cost to list your horse. We do encourage all owners to carry out their own home checks. However, if this is not possible we can arrange for a small fee. Once this home check is carried out we shall provide the owner with a full report including photos.

If you would like to list your horse with RMH CLICK HERE . Please do ensure you are firstly registered with us as a Diamond Member (free)

Of course, no system is water tight and failsafe. We can though go some way to offering a secure future for your horse as opposed to being passed from home to home with misinformed owners ill-equipped or not wishing to deal with the project your horse is.