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Companion Horses

Sports horse available for Ownership Transfer Buckinghamshire

There are many reasons for wanting a horse. Maybe you just like the species and wish for something to care for and spend time with. Riding may not be part of the equation. Having an equine who you can care for may be enough, this is the case for many and can have countless benefits for all concerned. There are an abundance of companions available, generally aged or with behaviour/health issues which deem them un-ridable, or maybe a horse who just has no rider and has not been ridden for a long period of time.

To find the right companion firstly you must think of why this horse has been labelled a companion. Once you know the answer to this then the next step is to ask yourself if this horse is going to be compatible with the home you have to offer. If there are health issues can you deal with them? Do you have the knowledge and financial ability to care?

Horse welfare is important and constant rehoming is a welfare issue. All potential owners must ask themselves if they can care for the horse until the end. If you are tempted to take on a horse with behaviour issues have they been investigated? Could it be a health issue causing the behaviour? Are you happy and able to deal with these issues/ behaviours? Be honest with yourself. You may feel you will change the horse with training and time. Great idea, but is this a reality?

Once you have decided a companion is for you then the search is on.
Do take a look at the non-ridden horses listed with RMH as all in much need of a loving home.

if you are able to offer a companion a home please do place a wanted ad with RMH, we shall then contact you should something suitable become available.

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Below are some companions currently available. Click on image for full profile.

TB Warwickshire ownership transfer

Thoroughbred rehoming. Tommy Warwickshire

Pony for rehome Buckinghamshire

Toddy is a true gentleman

Arab cross pony for loan Northamptionshire

Companion home required

Sports horse available for Ownership Transfer Buckinghamshire

Jodie is a beautiful mare with a fantastic temperament

Horse available Suffolk

New home needed for this lovely boy.