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What are feed balancers and why would you feed one?

Feed balancers are designed to fill the ‘nutritional gaps’ in a horse’s diet, and are becoming increasingly popular as a versatile foodstuff. Formulated with concentrated levels of essential proteins, vitamins and minerals to ensure a fully balanced diet without added…

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Road safety for horse riders

Horses are large and powerful flight animals, which makes them (and their riders) amongst the most vulnerable groups of road users. When startled by noise or fast-moving vehicles, a horse may rear up or bolt – the consequences of which…

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What is Equine Massage?

Massage has been used on humans for centuries, but has only recently been introduced as a treatment for animals. Previously, racehorses and competition horses would be strapped to prepare the muscles for competing; this had the effect of increasing blood…

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Top Tips for Hot Weather

1. Ride early in the day or later in the evening. Best to ride first thing in the morning, after a long day in the office when the weather has been hot you yourself may not be ready for a…

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Rehome My Horse has many horses listed each week and this week is no different. However, today we have had contact from the owner of Deuge who is in urgent need of our help. Recent family circumstances have meant that…

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Horses – Proof of Ownership.

horse ownership

If you are a horse owner please do take the time to read the following. This may indeed spare you heartache and pain in the future. Currently, in the UK there is no, one fail-safe “proof of ownership” system for…

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Update – Inwood, Rehomed with RMH 2016

Inwood was rehomed in 2016 to Penny. “It has been a very long stressful few months and we thought we would lose him at one point. He is totally adorable and he will never leave us. I’m in contact with…

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Huxley – Update after 12 months.

Huxley went off to his new loan home just over a year ago. He was an extremely popular horse and received several applications. His owner recently got in touch with the following update. “Huxley and I are making steady progress…

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Companion Horses

Sports horse available for Ownership Transfer Buckinghamshire

There are many reasons for wanting a horse. Maybe you just like the species and wish for something to care for and spend time with. Riding may not be part of the equation. Having an equine who you can care…

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Two Horse Rehomed Together. Update

Success with RMH

Basil and Melody were rehomed back in July 2016. The owner was looking for a home for these horses together as they had spent many years as companions. Recently we received a lovely update from their new owners. “Basil has…

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Diamond Business Membership

Diamond Business Membership with RMH

Rehome My Horse is keen to continue developing its community helping horse owners, would be owners and of course the horse itself. Our members have said that they would like a list of services included on our website particularly the…

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Future Horse Listing with RMH

Future horse listing

We all enjoy spending time with our horses creating fond memories. Very few of us consider what would happen to lovely Blackie if the worst happened and we were no longer able to care for him due to illness or…

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Super Update – Penny

Penny sold with Rehome My Horse

Penny was listed in September for sale under sad circumstances. The owner of Penny had passed away and her daughter who is not particularly horsey was in need of finding a new forever home. As the right home was essential…

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What level of rider are you?

Level of horse rider

Here at RMH we understand there are some very difficult questions you may need to ask yourself when quizzed about your riding ability. Are you a novice rider? Are you an intermediate rider? This question is extremely difficult to answer…

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Top Tips For Cold Weather.

Tips for horses in winter

With a cold snap upon us Rehome My Horse has put together some top tips for this time of year to help you and your horses. 1. Take a check on your feeding regime and amend if needed. Fibre will…

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Diamond Plus Membership

Diamond Plus Membership

Rehome My Horse is keen to continue developing its community helping horse owners, would be owners and of course the horse itself. We are very excited to announce the arrival of our Diamond Plus Membership. Benefits include the following. •…

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Keep Your Horse Safe

Rehome My Horse - Loans shares sales rehomes

With coffee in hand. I popped onto Facebook for a quick catch up. This morning alone I stumbled upon two heart-wrenching stories of horses being sold whilst on loan. These owners love their horses and now feel helpless in the…

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Ex-Racehorses need our help too.

Ex-racehorse for loan, sale, rehome

There are many horses needing rehoming in this current time. Ex-racehorses are amazing creatures and all too often the social media walls are full with ex-racehorses free to a good home or with a token price tag. How many homes…

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