Application Terms


All those applying for a horse must have a full Diamond Membership (£5).
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When making an Application to register an interest in a Horse listed on the RMH website Registered Users (“Users”)/ Applicants (you) agree to the following terms:-

Applications, Application fees and References

1. A User wishing to make an Application to register an interest in a Horse listed on the RMH website must be a Diamond Member or Diamond Plus Member. With membership fees paid up to date.
2. RMH may contact the Applicant requesting verification of certain information or for further information. All applicants must be willing to view the horse, talk with owner, have references contacted, allow access for home checks and be willing to have a CCJ and address check.
3. Upon receipt of the completed Application the Applicant will be notified within one working day whether or not the Application has been forwarded to the Owner.
4. The Owner ultimately makes the decisions. Forwarding an Application to an Owner will not guarantee the Applicant a visit.
5. If the Horse is close to rehoming or has been rehomed outside RMH Horse, RMH will refund the Application Fee in full or otherwise will transfer the fee onto another Horse of interest to the User.
6. RMH will ensure that any person interested in visiting the Horse first submits an Application to RMH. The RMH team will process the Application and forward it to the Owner once all information has been gathered and once the Application is complete. The Application includes details of references. It is the responsibility of Applicants to ensure that persons quoted as references are happy for you to supply their contact details. It is expected that the Owner will contact References. RMH can do this if instructed. In the event that further references are required it is the Owner’s responsibility to request this of the Applicant.
7. RMH recommends that Owners carry out home checks on any potential home. RMH can arrange this in certain areas of the UK. The fee for RMH to carry out a home check will be agreed with the Owner and RMH upon request.
8. RMH recommend that any Applicant visits and trials the Horse a minimum of once but for compatibility RMH recommend more than one visit. Owners cannot invite any interest to try a Horse until the completed Application Form has been received.
9. RMH recommend that Applicants take a mentor, riding instructor or equine expert with you when viewing the Horse. Five stage Pre-Purchase Veterinary Examination is also recommended. It is the responsibility of the Applicant to ensure that the Horse is suitable for their intended purpose.
10. RMH has not physically been to view and inspect any Horse listed on its website. RMH has not verified the Horse’s passport nor the information contained within the passport. This is the responsibility of the Applicant.
11. If at any time the Applicant believes or has reason to believe that the Owner is behaving dishonestly they must at their earliest convenience contact RMH by email or telephone.
12. RMH is unable to accept applications from those wishing to breed.
13. By submitting the Application Applicants are confirming they have read the horses detailed listing including details on type of rehome and rehoming fee, loan/share fee or sales price.

Visit Dates/Vettings
14. Personal contact details of Owners and Applicants will not be shared by RMH until the full and complete Application has been received from the Applicant. Communication prior to receipt of the completed Application must be via the RMH messaging system.
15. Messages sent via the RMH messaging system are monitored and may be blocked or removed in the event of inappropriate content and/or where the user is in breach of the Registration Terms and Conditions and/or the Application Terms and Conditions.
16. Visits must only be arranged once the completed Application has been received by RMH at which time RMH will confirm to the Owner that it has received the completed Application.
Proceeding Further
17. In the event that both the Owner and Applicant wish to proceed the Owner will advise RMH. RMH will then begin drafting the Rehoming Agreement.
18. Applicants should ensure Rehoming/loan or share Fee is paid to RMH before date of rehome. In the event that the Horse is going on trial, the Fee is due before the commencement of the trial.

Breach, Force Majeure and Jurisdiction
20. Breach of any of the above terms may result in the listing being cancelled. In the event that a listing is cancelled due to a breach of the terms, RMH may (at their discretion) place a limit on the account of the Owner and/or Applicant.
21. RMH cannot guarantee continuous running of the website and from time to time due to actions out of its control. RMH will endeavour to provide an un-interrupted service at all times.
22. In the event of a breach of these Terms the Applicant may forfeit the Application Fee.
23. RMH is not responsible for any loss incurred as a result of RMH taking action on accounts (by closing and/or restricting account for example).
24. If a dispute arises in connection with the Rehoming Agreement it is recommended that the User contacts RMH.
25. If RMH fail to act on a dispute this does not waive their right to act with respect to subsequent breaches and/or disputes and or act at a later date to the initial breach. RMH will take action on breaches at their discretion and do not guarantee that they will take action on all breaches/disputes.
26. In the event of a dispute with any other User, you will release RMH from and indemnify RMH against all and any claims, demands and damages.
27. RMH will where possible support and facilitate the resolution of disputes between Owners and Applicants. Applicants are reminded that RMH has no control over the accuracy of listings and the transaction remains between the Owner and the Applicant at all times.
28. RMH may amend this Application Agreement at their discretion. Any amendments will be posted on the RMH website.
29. English Law applies to these Terms and Conditions and any dispute will be dealt with exclusively in the jurisdiction of England and wales

30. RMH is keen to support research in various equine fields. Data provided on Applications and Horse listings may be used for this research.