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Submitting your application enables you to showcase the home you have to offer and your experience.
Please do ensure you are registered as a Diamond member before application and have paid the appropriate membership fee. Form can be found at bottom of web page.

1). Horses Name:


2). Full Name:


2a). Full Address:


3). Email address:


4). Phone number:


5). Area based:


6). Applicants Age range:


7). Applicants Height:


8). Weight of main rider (st. & lbs.):


9). If anyone else will be caring for your horse or riding on a regular basis please do include more detail here. This includes if on full livery etc:


10). Why do you think you would be the most suitable home for this horse?:


11). Have you had the day to day responsibility for day to day care before?:


12). How many horses do you currently own/care for?:


13). Activities you have participated in:
HackingSchooling a GreenJumpingUnaffiliated CompetitionRetraining horsesSchooling a trained horseBreaking a horseLunging/long ReiningAffiliated Competition


14). Do you classify yourself as:

Beginner: Walk, trot and canter. Mainly riding with supervision. Lacks balance and is not yet using aids independently. Has hacked and ridden in the school etc. Able to care for horses day to day needs under supervision.
Novice: Could be a first time owner or owned/loaned in the past. Able to walk, trot canter. Maybe pop a jump and hack a calm horse. Able to care for a horse on a day to day basis but may still need guidance.
Intermediate: Has ridden a variety of horses and schooled and asked further questions of horse. May have backed and broken horses in. Able to deal with some issues in behaviour and care. Good horse husbandry skills.
Advanced: Ridden many different types of horses over the years and in many different situations. Should have at some stage specialized in a discipline and ridden up to a high level. Able to back, break and school horses include those more difficult types with behaviour issues. Excellent horse husbandry skills and able to act as a mentor for others.


15). If applying for an ex racehorse have you had experience in this area?


16). What activities are you most interested in pursuing with a horse?:
Non riddenHacking aloneHacking in companySchoolingCompetitionsRegular lessons
Other (Please Specify):


17). If planning on competing please tell us about the type of competitions you would want to go to and discipline:


18). Do you intend to have the horse vetted?:


19). Do you have regular lessons?:
If 'Yes' please include name of instructor and contact details if you are happy for us to contact further


20). Are you a member of any equestrian riding clubs or governing bodies eg BHS?:


21). Please include your budget per month for any horse:


22). Occupation:


23). Have you ever been convicted for any offence relating to the mistreatment of animals?:


24). If successful in your application do you plan to insure your horse for:
Public liabilityVets fees


25). Please provide name, contact details of 2 references. Please do also include how these references are known to you. It is preferable that these references not friends or family:

Reference 1:
Reference 2:


26). Where do you plan to keep a horse?:

If not home please do include full address of where horse will be kept:


27). How far away is this from your home?:


28). Do the facilities include:
Natural shelterMan made shelterRested fieldsMixed herdsMares and geldings seperateIndividual paddocksIs there a stable availableWill horse be left alone at all?Can grazing be restricted


29). What riding facilities are available?:
Off road hackingRoad hackingRiding in fieldsRiding in sand school or similarJumping facilitiesCross country courseInstructor on siteVet on site


30). Grazing:


31). Is there a whole yard or individual worming programme?:


32). How many acres are there?:


33). How many horses will share the grazing?:


34). What provision do you have for when you are away or ill?:


35). Please include details of grazing and field management such as fencing type, water type, rotation and manure collection.


36). Please provide details of current vet or vet intending to use:


37). Please provide details of current farrier or farrier intending to use:


38). Please upload any photos or videos you have of yourself riding or the facilities you have to offer.
Including images provides owners with a deeper insight in the home you have to offer and as such strengthens your application. (Maximum Size - 3MB)
Image 1:

Image 2:

Image 3:

39). Please provide URL to a video of yourself riding or of the home you are offering:

  • Thank you for completing. Once received we shall review your application.

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