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Sensible Cob Required. Ref:198

I’m looking for an older, sensible ploddy wide cob up to 19yrs armchair ride, weight carrier type. Needs to stand at the mounting block. Lady rider 63yrs, experienced but sometimes nervous rider, home for life. Long term loan or nominal price.

Home to offer: Own stables in view of house with CCTV, must hack ALONE, be absolutely rock solid, excellent in traffic. There will be absolutely NO jumping, hunting eventing, or anything fast.

Rider level: Novice

Height: 14.2h-16h

Age: Up to 19 yrs

Breed: HW cob or Cleveland bay/Irish cob/Irish Draught type, (but pref not gypsy cob type but would consider)

Activities: Hacking only, 2 to 5 times a week. Sometimes unridden for week.

Type of rehome: Ownership Transfer

County: Cornwall/Deven

Willing to travel: 100 miles for right horse.

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